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“About Hip Hop”


Darryl McDaniels, D.M.C. was born 1964 in New York and is one of three members of rap group Run-D.M.C. Darryl grew up in New York and taught himself to DJ. Run-D.M.C. was founded in 1982, only one year later they released the first hit single “It’s Like That”. Run-D.M.C. was the first hip hop band on the cover of music magazine “Rolling Stone” and they were the first to achieve a golden album and later a platinum album. Their videos appeared on MTV as the first rap group ever. D.M.C. cooperated with several artists, such as Aerosmith and released two solo albums. D.M.C. is a pioneer in the hip hop movement and is inspiring and empowering younger hip hop artists, giving them trust and courage in the hip hop music and culture.


Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal was born in South Sudan. He struggled as a child soldier and has a unique biography and a torn childhood. He uses his music to transform his pain from the past into positivity for the future. His message is to spread peace around the world and to raise awareness. He launched several projects, such as “We Want Peace” together with D.M.C., Alicia Keys and others. He is well-known internationally and is unfailingly telling his story by sharing his experiences in order to inspire people to live in peace.


Lam Tungwar

Lam Tungwar was born 1983 in South Sudan and was a child soldier for several years. He found a way to assimilate his struggles with music and is, unfailingly, telling the world to end war. He is a well-known artist, not only in Africa but he is spreading his message for peace and respect all over the world. He is a strong ambassador for ending violence and creating peace in South Sudan. Lam Tungwar travels a lot to share the difficulties of his country.




Burton Kouvha

Burton Kouvha had to flee from his home country Democratic Republic of the Congo because of his song “Tia Molende”. The secret police wanted to arrest him as the government felt criticized by his lyrics. He escaped and made it to Europe, living as an asylum-seeker, not knowing what the future will bring. He left his family in 2011 for an uncertain fate, struggling for admission.



Amkoullel is a Malian rap artist, who was born 1979 in Bamako. His passion for music began at a young age and therefore he started rapping. After school, he went to France to study law, but soon decided to devote all his energy to the music. He has released three albums so far. Amkoullel combines traditional African music with rap and hip hop beats. He was honoured several times for his music and performs all over the world. In his famous song “S.O.S.” he declared that Mali was in a state of emergency. Shortly afterwards the military coup began in Mali. He is singing about oppression and corruption, fighting for human rights and respect.

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